Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bircher's Muesli has protein in it and is apparently very digestible

For this I soaked overnight organic apple juice

Half cup rolled oats

Handful of raisins

Handful of sunflower seeds

1 tbl linseed

Sesame seeds

A few dates

A few almonds

Add yoghurt or kefir the next day and then fruit.

Sesame seeds have 18 g protein per 100 gm

Sunflower seeds have 21 gm

Flax seed has 18 gm per 100 gm

Yoghurt has 24 g per cup (a big serving)

I'll be grating apples into this during the apple season, that's for sure. Apples they say are non negotiable and I have none in this! And you can do it with old fashioned oatmeal – if you can find it in the shops that is.

If you are feeding someone over the age of 70 then this is highly recommended as a breakfast food. My husband doesn't like porridge, but as he needs a lot of protein in his diet, this is a way of getting some oats into him at breakfast.

Here is 100 gm of sunflower seeds. Nearly a cupful. You are not likely to consume this in one meal but it has 21 gm of protein in it.

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