Friday, November 28, 2014

Going out to lunch happens – an occasion when you can't control the protein in the meal

Today was one of those days when we just had to eat out. Sometimes life is like that. No choice but to eat out.

Normally my husband stays in the car listening to the radio while I go in and eat. He doesn't approve much of the meals. But today he came with me (and the newspaper to do the puzzles)

I ordered a large slab of frittata and coffee and a second fork. Well blow me down he ate more than half of because he liked it. It had smoked salmon (I told him it was salmon and didn't mention the smoked so he ate it) And he loved it. Eggs, salmon and veggies. Best we could do.

He said he was still full from the Birchers muesli at breakfast time and I can believe it as he also had a poached egg.

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