Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mussel fritters and walnuts for protein were popular

There might be 3-4 on this plate but he ate all the fritters I had made from the entire pottle of mussels.

2 eggs

2 big tbl cottage cheese

1/3 cup yoghurt

Flour and soy milk to mix to the right consistency

You can improve the protein content of these by adding tofu. When you get mussels from a pottle it is still the cheapest high quality meal I can think of. The walnuts and almonds also have little protein. You could also serve with the peas and curry paste mixture or serve with hummus.

Notice that I have lightly fried and steamed the cabbage this time so it is soft and easier to eat! No choking with this meal.

And by the way he has now put on 1kg, which together with his improvement in wakefulness and mood and energy is showing that when a senior has a high protein diet, his general health will improve greatly.

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