Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dried peas with green curry paste is easy for a llitle added protein to a meal for a senior

OK this meal is not one to write home about, but I did want to tell you about the easiest protein food - well it ain't high in protein but neither is it low – the dried peas and green curry paste dish that is our staple. Just add a little salt and cook for 40 minutes.

This one has fish in coconut milk. But here is a note for myself, don't use the outer leaves of cabbage any more because he chokes on them. The salad had pumpkin seeds in it. These are high in protein but are rather expensive. Older people need food that doesn't get stuck in their throats and I am a bit of a slow learner in this department. But honestly could you whizz up raw cabbage? I doubt it.

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