Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Broccoli, quiche and salmon - meal for an older person like this is stacked with protein

I was surprised to learn that broccoli has some protein in it. Never thought of broccoli that way.

Now the quiche is a new introduction to the diet. A friend of mine said this one is her standard dish to take to a pot luck dinner and everyone likes it.

Basically you boil some spinach for short while (or broccoli or silver beet or cauliflower whatever you have) and drain.

Make a base of breadcrumbs. Put drained green veges on top.

Beat up three eggs with s and p and milk, grate over some cheese (I used a little sheep's feta as he is only just getting used to a bit of cheese) and pour over and bake till set. Easy as.. So the main dish is actually fresh salmon. Heaps of protein in this. Older men need quite a lot of protein and salmon has approx 26 gm of protein per 100 gm of salmon. This one is a big one. His main portion of protein for the day and now he has put on a kilo and a half of weight in 12 days. Energy slightly improving.

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