Friday, November 21, 2014

Feta cheese is tasty – where a vegetarian elderly man breaks a lifelong habit

Well for years the only cheese my husband would eat was sheep's feta, but always refused it. Fortunately we can get sheep's feta at our Saturday market. So today I put it on polenta with tomato and grilled it. He loved it.


Oh, and do you notice I am serving it these days on a white plate so it looks attractive. I managed to pick this plate up for 50c from a local second hand shop. There won't be much protein in the polenta and since I forgot to add an egg in that I served the egg separately. Total protein still relatively low. But the point of this blog is to say he sat there saying 'This is delicious'. He had said no to feta cheese every time I had offered it to him before and I was at the point of wondering if he would ever eat any cheese and today is the big break through.

This might be the big breakthrough we need to varying the diet and getting protein into him via foods other than fish.

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