Friday, November 21, 2014

The reason older men get the reputation for being grumpy maybe their protein deficiency

This dinner has fish but probably only 200gm of it. And I tried to make it tasty but really ended up putting a meal in front of him with pummelled lemon grass. Memo to self: use the lemon grass in a tube from now on. I succumbed to buying the stalky one because it was so cheap. I don't want him to choke.

But the other mistake I made was to put too much sweet chilli sauce in and it was actually quite strong.

Now if I had served him a meal like this ten days ago he would have been extremely crabby with me. After all, one of the symptoms of protein deficiency in the elderly is irritability. But he didn't even mention the fact that there was too much chilli! He would also have been annoyed with the roast veges, saying he can't eat them. Well maybe I had only put a teaspoon of coconut oil in the pan and he didn't notice.

But whatever it was, last night's meal was a miracle when it comes to his mood. A turning point. Hopefully!

You know I reckon that the reason older men get labelled a 'grumpy old man' might be that they are deficient in protein in their blood. That's my theory at this stage. This protein rich diet regime has been going just over a week and I have noticed a significant change in my husband's energy and his mood. He is simply nicer to be with. Here's hoping this continues. It will make such a difference to both of our lives when he gets enough protein in his diet.

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