Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dinner with chickpeas, left over mussel fritters, feta cheese, walnuts and broad beans

This wasn't a complete success. I decided the carrots were too hard for my husband's teeth, so I lightly fried them in oil. I should have cooled them before adding chopped up feta cheese. It would have looked nicer because the warmth of the carrots made the feta cheese melt into them. I had broad beans in the freezer and a couple of left over mussel fritters from lunch. The walnuts are good.

Nonetheless he loved it. He did remark that chickpeas are better when served as hummus, so I made a mental note to find other ways of serving chickpeas. The hummus is finished.

There would only be about 40 gm of mussels plus 1/2 egg in the two fritters. At26gm per 100 gm this only gives 10gm protein and 6gm in the egg. Total 16gm.

Here is nearly a cup of walnuts freshly shelled. There is about 15 gm protein in a whole cup so this one would be 13 gm. Rarely would a person eat more than 8-10 gms per serving.

Now compare the protein content of the above meal with this one. It is a slow cooked shank of lamb, thickened. Although it is a small serving of meat, nonetheless the protein in lamb is around 36gm/100 so even 50 gm of meat gives you 18gm of protein, slightly more than the two mussel fritters.

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