Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fish pie with boiled eggs "My word this is tasty"

When we go to a pot luck dinner one of the women, who happens to be a dietitian, said my husband usually makes a beeline for her fish pie. She told me what she had in it so I made it today. In the sauce I put just a little grated cheese, and I boiled two eggs lightly and chopped them in. Then I coated it with mashed potato and breadcrumbs and grilled it for a while.

Well that was a first. Can't believe he ate boiled eggs ( he usually only likes them lightly boiled) and of course in the sauce was a little. Several times while eating it (though I had overdone the serving of potatoes relative to fish and sauce) he remarked how tasty it was. Funny what cheese does to the appetite. Not too much that he gets mucous. And of course there was milk in the sauce. I have just got to be careful that added together the kefir, yoghurt, milk and cheese don't add up to too much.

The same nutritionist said put milk powder in some recipes for extra protein, haven't tried that. I must say some of the milk in that sauce was rice milk just in case. And there was water in it because it was too thick. Oh the wonders of cooking tricks we all get up to!

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