Thursday, November 20, 2014

Easy Chickpea Stew with leeks

This chickpea stew had a great many veges in it and is topped off with some sheep's feta. I did it in the slow cooker. The only catch was that I used the greener part of the leek and it was too hard, causing choking. Now I have read a few websites on smooth food and realise that as a person gets older not only do their gums recede causing food to stick in food traps, but they need softer food. So I am off looking at "soft food" and "smooth food" recipes now. Dishes like chickpea stew can't be the main way of getting protein into an elderly person, because there isn't enough.

The other thing about older people is that they drop food off their fork and need to eat with a spoon. Perhaps the reason older men get a bit crabby is that they are protein deficient causing irritability, and they are being fed unsuitable food like this stew. Of course it was tasty but the texture was wrong.

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